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Dedoose Desktop App

Description: The Dedoose Desktop App allows users to access the full Dedoose experience without a browser. Note, accessing Dedoose will still require an Internet connection.

Free Dedoose Demos


Description: Check here for information about our upcoming no-cost demonstration webinars. You can also access links to recordings of past webinars. Finally, we host periodic webinars on special topics and will provide information on them here.

Latest Dedoose Patch Notes

Description: Dedoose Patch notes for 9.0.54. This page will be updated as new versions come out, so feel free to visit again for the next iteration of Dedoose!

3 Easy Mixed Methods Approaches to Try Today to Add to Your Qualitative Data Analysis

Description: The concept of mixed methods has begun to take root around the world. There are arguments on both the qualitative and the quantitative side of the aisle when it comes to mixed methods...

Dedoose Premier & Enterprise Account Offerings

Description: The Dedoose Premier and Enterprise offerings provide greater management, technical, security, and end-user support for groups and organizations requiring support at large. Check out this article for information on these offerings.

Exporting Options in Dedoose

Description: This article discusses the various exports available in Dedoose, how you can aquire them and what common purposes you can use them for. Come check out all the exporting options available!

Want to Teach Dedoose in Your Class?


Description: Dedoose can be used effectively in the classroom for both introductory and advanced qualitative and mixed methods courses. Check this out for some tips and recommendations.

Using Dedoose in Your Presentation


Description: Learn how to use Dedoose's handy graphics in your presentation with the following guide!

Wait...So What is the 'Cloud' Again?

Description: The cloud, or cloud computing can be a confusing thing. It is a place that information is stored and can be interacted with. Information in the cloud is stored on servers belonging to and maintained by others—not directly on your local computer.

Dedoose QDPX

Description: We've adopted the new QDPX format for migrating data sets from one application to another, support for this format is live as of version 8.3

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