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Article: Free Webinar: Teaching Qualitative Analysis Concepts with Dedoose



As the number of researchers using software to aid in their analysis continues to rise, so does the number of instructors bringing software into the classroom. Professors teaching qualitative analysis concepts, research methods, mixed methods, dissertation or thesis preparation and various other topical classes, reach out to us quite often looking for resources on using Dedoose in the classroom. This webinar is our first step toward answering that question and supporting our community of instructors.

Through this webinar you will hear:

  • Our advice on how to set up your syllabi using Dedoose.
  • Ideas for projects and exercises from our staff and from our users.
  • Successful strategies to organizing classroom wide projects.
  • How to set up your classroom account with Dedoose.
  • Tips on teaching methods, research-based topics, and the busy dissertation group.


Why use Dedoose when teaching qualitative analysis concepts?

Our users tell us that using Dedoose in the classroom is a natural choice given that it is:

  • Web based. Students upload their data and work online, and the tool is platform independent (Mac and PC friendly). Since they are not tied to only a handful of compatible computers in the library, they can easily do their work on THEIR schedule.
  • Inherently collaborative. Students can work from anywhere, anytime, from any computer, all in real time with the entire class if needed. There is no longer a need to worry about software editions or to email parts of projects back and forth.
  • Budget friendly. At only $10.95 per month per user after a 30 day free trial, students can actually afford to keep using it after the class if needed. Furthermore, with nothing to download or maintain and no upgrades to pay for, financial stress falls flat.
  • Intuitively Designed. Students can get up and running quite quickly with Dedoose, so you, as their instructor, can focus on the concepts rather than software confusion.

Looking for a general overview of Dedoose instead? Sign up for a free demo!

If you are looking to better understand our tool's basic structure or features, you can certainly attend one of our free one-hour demos. These demos are great for new users or those considering using the tool in the future. Here is the blog outlining the upcoming dates/times of these events:


Call for ideas...

Last, but not least, if you have any suggestions on future topics for our monthly webinar, email or leave a comment in the box below.