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Article: Dedoose Updates!

The most recent updates to Dedoose are now live! Here are just a few of the highlights that you may come across—many of which are modifications and/or requests we received from the Dedoose user community. Thanks and we always welcome your feedback.


  • Code trees with a hierarchical structure (e.g., with child codes, grandchild codes, …) will now load in a collapsed form by default. The code tree will also stay in its same collapsed state after editing a child code
  • The option to convert a child code to a parent code or to move to a new parent code is now available when editing the code (see ‘Re-parent’ or ‘Make Root’) in addition to the existing drag-and-drop functionality
  • To retroactively up-code, you can now double-click the stair (up-coding) icon or, as before, holding your Shift Key and then clicking the icon
  • When entering the password to open encrypted projects the characters are not displayed.

Enjoy the new updates and keep the suggestions coming so we can include as many as possible in upcoming updates!